“I’m excited about what we’re doing to further the cause of supporting the little guy who’s standing up to behemoth companies who are ruining the country and the planet.”



When he’s not working, Daniel is usually on his bike. When the waves are good—in the ocean. Favorite weekends are those outdoors, in the mountains or surfing. He also loves a good podcast, radio & exploring stories, thoughts, and interesting findings from around the world.


  • In support of Life Rolls On, Daniel takes quadriplegic people surfing
  • Daniel also champions Children International to support children in-need
  • Daniel Roberts and Lee Glass became friends while attending Vermont Law School

Protectus Legal Team




Daniel Roberts is a Washington, D.C., New York and California attorney. Since he was young, Daniel has had a respect for law as a social structure around which society functions and its importance as a tool for effecting change.  The son of a law professor and whistleblower (fellow Protectus Partner, Neal Roberts) Daniel was taught from a young age about how the fundamental tenets of law developed historically and continue to have lasting impact today.  In one of their early lessons—about the “Tragedy of the Commons”—Daniel learned that without law and individual accountability, people will selfishly deplete public resources to the detriment of the greater good interminably.  Law, Daniel learned, is a critical component in protecting both our individual and collective rights and resources.

From his early years as an elementary school “law student” through time spent interning for civil rights attorneys, through law school, and into formal law practice, Daniel has sought to use law to champion the greater good.  While learning litigation at a major international law firm in Los Angeles, he cut his teeth on a multimillion dollar whistleblower case, meanwhile providing pro bono help to indigent families.  In the second chapter of his career, Daniel joined a regional firm in Northern California to practice corporate law on behalf of social-mission startup entrepreneurs.  Daniel has joined Protectus in order to empower whistleblowers to stand up against those brazen profiteers who would otherwise go unchallenged ad infinitum.

An affable “people person” through and through, Daniel is compassionate and passionate about going out of his way to help clients.  He is thorough, risk averse to the client’s advantage, and creative in his approach. He excels at legal research, writing, attention to detail and wordsmithing, and when it comes to solving a tough problem, he enjoys strategizing in small groups and learning how to leverage each individual’s strengths for maximum impact.



Vermont Law School (J.D., 2007)


University of Colorado (B.A., 2000)


Risq Group US (Deputy General Counsel & Relationship Manager, 2014-present)


Priore Law Group (Partner, 2013-2014)


Katovich & Kassan Law Group (Associate Attorney, 2011-2013)


Mayer Brown LLP (Litigation Associate, 2008-2009)


Beck, DeCorso, Daly, Kreindler & Harris (Litigation Associate, 2007) (Summer Associate, 2004-2005)


United States Attorney’s Office (Semester in Practice, 2006)


Disability Rights Legal Center (Intern, 2000, 2002-2003)


The State Bar of California, 2007


The State Bar of New York, 2010


District of Columbia, 2015