“Achieving justice and being an excellent advocate is very exciting to me.”



Lee is captivated by his son and daughter, busily navigating the landscape of being a dad. He loves hanging out with them, and watching live music or wine tasting with his wife.


  • Lee taught English as a second language in Shijiazhuang, China
  • Daniel Roberts and Lee Glass became friends while attending Vermont Law School
  • Lee and his wife support various causes, usually contributing to education issues, disaster relief or non-corporate media organizations.

Protectus Legal Team




Lee Glass, a Maryland and Washington, D.C., attorney, has a knack for bringing about consensus and seeing multiple sides to an issue. Known for his honesty and effective communication, working with Lee allows clients to become well-informed decision makers themselves. He focuses on building a solid foundation of trust and forming strong relationships with his clients. Bringing his penchant for reining in bad corporate actors and a firm belief that too much corporate power can do great harm to the public’s interest, Lee has seen that, “through the presence of FCA litigation and valiant whistleblowers a chilling effect on corporate malfeasance can occur before it even begins. Although at times, it is only through the actions of internal whistleblowers that the public’s interest and safety can be served and protected.”


Lee is a relentless researcher who enjoys digging into an issue and excels at thinking on his feet. A jack-of-all-trades, Lee’s 15 plus years in the field encompass a wide range of legal experiences, having worked as a solo practitioner in consumer protection and consumer rights issues; as an investigator in a county office of consumer protection; within a state government; as a Congressional Legal fellow; in pro-bono cases concerning the elderly, indigent and homeless; as a program associate in international development; as a research fellow concerning U.S. fiscal policy for a nonprofit whose purpose was to bring relevant stakeholders together to build consensus in order to arrive at solutions on present-day issues; and also as an e-discovery attorney working with many major law firms in Washington, D.C.



Vermont Law School (J.D., 2005)


The College of Charleston (B.A., 2000)


Litigation Attorney (Numerous firms on project-specific basis, 2006-current)


AARP (Volunteer Attorney, 2013)


Convergence Center for Policy Resolution (Fiscal Research Fellow, 2010)


Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN)/Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law (Congressional Legal Fellow/Congressional Intern, 2009)


Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (Volunteer Attorney, 2007-2009)


Tennessee Department of Human Services (Special Hearings Officer, 2005)


U.S. Public Interest Research Group (Legal Intern, 2004) 


English First (English Teacher, 2002-2003)


The State of Maryland


District of Columbia