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Still unsure about whether you may have a False Claims Act Case? Before submitting your questionnaire:

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By filling out, electronically signing, and submitting the following form, you agree to allow Protectus Law to evaluate your potential case and consider representing you in a False Claims Act lawsuit.


This contact form will be encrypted, however, as with any encrypted e-mail system, total security and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If you are concerned about security, please print out this questionnaire and mail it to us instead.


By law, your communications with us during the evaluation process are regarded as privileged and confidential and will be treated by us accordingly. Please remember that you also have a responsibility to keep information related to your case private. Do not post anything about the case or your allegations to your Facebook or other social media page. Do not blog or tweet about them. Public discussion of your allegations may be harmful to your case.


A False Claims Act lawsuit can, and usually does, take a number of years from start to finish. When we accept a case, we commit personnel, money and other resources to try to bring it to a successful conclusion. Because of that commitment, our review to determine whether your case is viable and our decision whether to accept it may take some time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time about the status of our review of your potential case. Part of our analysis of your potential case will focus on practical considerations. Cases may be too small or too unsubstantiated (and therefore too risky) to justify the commitment of our firm’s resources.


Finally, please remember that under the False Claims Act (FCA), whistleblowers may bring qui tam lawsuits under very distinct circumstances. The government must have:

(1) made payments based on false claims
(2) paid claims based on false certifications, OR
(3) not been paid money owed to it.

Just because the government has made a bad purchasing or management decision, or made a mistake or been negligent, that does not mean the law is applicable.
Please keep this in mind when filling out the following questionnaire.

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Neither reading this site, nor sending Protectus Law PLLC (the “Firm”) information about your case (whether via email or the “Contact Us” form) shall establish an attorney-client relationship with the Firm. Although communications with prospective legal clients are required by law to be treated as privileged and confidential, initial contact with the Firm via email or through this  form will not create an attorney-client relationship. We do not represent you and have not agreed to do so until we have both signed a written legal representation agreement.
Although we will treat any information you provide to us as privileged and confidential, and although data submitted through this “Contact Us” form is encrypted, we cannot assure you that all information delivered to us will be totally secure from outside third parties. THUS, DO NOT DIGITALLY SEND SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH, DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBER OR INFORMATION ABOUT ANY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.